Rules files on Oracle Analytics Cloud

I’ve been asked a number of times whether we can run existing “on premises” rules files in OAC, and also run in OAC using a SQL data source.

We’ve tested out both of these features and both work well:

  • Use Essbase SQL based rules files
  • Developing them off-line on an on-premises install in EAS
  • Setting the SQL connection string to be a substitution variable
  • Deploy them to OAC
  • Update the substitution variable to point to the cloud RDBMS
alter application 'TBC' set variable 'OCIString' 'QUBIXDB:1521/pdb1.a28217.oraclecloud.internal';
import database 'TBC'.'TBC' data connect as 'admin' identified by 'password' using server rules_file 'data' on error write to 'c:\eastemp\data.err';
execute aggregate process on database 'TBC'.'TBC' stopping when total_size exceeds 10;


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