Why should you care about this blog? There’s lots of them already, right?

I’m one of the directors of Qubix International.  I’ve been delivering EPM & BI solutions for over 20 years. Above all else, there’s one lesson in all that – never stop learning.

We don’t just implement tech – we solve business problems – and here’s why I decided to write this blog. Again and again I see business trying to solve the same business problem – but taking the wrong advice or talking to the wrong people – and having failed projects. But then – and really surprisingly – you see them starting another project, but making the same mistakes:

  • Adopting the wrong delivery methodology
  • Architecting the datawarehouse the wrong way
  • Implementing policies that follow a “perceived” best practice – but not delivering any value to the business
  • Continuously reinventing the wheel.
  • Not understanding or mitigating delivery risks effectively.
  • Forgetting that projects are only successful if the customer and the users love the end result.

This blog is some of my lessons learnt